Pat Haley always had an interest in bluegrass music, and on a
trip to Virginia in 2003 he bought a banjo.  Soon after, he and
his fellow band-mate, Dean Mott, asked Pat's daughter, Erin, to
sit-in on a gig with their rock and roll band.  Pat hadn’t heard
Erin sing since high school, but after the gig, both he and Dean
were inspired to create a bluegrass band with Erin as the lead

Erin’s grandmother, Sylvia "Honey" Blanc, was enthusiastic
about the band forming and even presented Pat with a resonator
guitar to contribute to the group’s sound.  Pat, Dean and Erin
began seeking other musicians.  When Erin asked bass player,
Kim Gimbal, to join their weekly bluegrass jam sessions, Kim
excitedly agreed, but not to play bass.  He had recently
purchased a mandolin and was anxious to play with friends.

Pat and Dean sent Erin out on the town to find a bass player.  
When she brought Lancer Hardy to the next jam, they wouldn’t
let him go home until he agreed to join the band.   But when
Lancer moved halfway across the country in March of 2006,
Matt Christensen became the new bass player for Mossy
Creek.  The hardest search was for the perfect fiddle player.  
After putting the word out and talking to a friend of a friend of a
friend, Pat discovered Christine Hogan.  She was the perfect
fiddle player for Mossy Creek.  The addition of world-class
harmonica player, Bob Littell, in October 2006 made the group

Honey was born and raised in Jefferson City, Tennessee,
originally named Mossy Creek.  It was only fitting to name the
newly formed group Mossy Creek.

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